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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NEW ART COMING...its done...I just can't post it.

So here's the deal.  I have been working on completing my MBA and I'm one and a half classes away from completing.  Soon I will be working on more of my own comics.  Currently I've been working on a book called Avenger Red from Onward comics .  I'm one page away from finishing the pencils on issue 4.

I'm also working on a comic book called Bigfoot Fights the Monsters.  This was my original project prior to Avenger Red, but due to some scheduling issues BFFTM has been delayed.  I'm working with the writer Justin Newberry with Aberrant Press to get the first issue completed in the very near future.

So yeah, its been busy.  Here's some links that will be helpful to follow up on some other cool stuff I'm incorporated with;


  1. Hi Daniel,

    I saw your artwork through the Kickstarter you are currently involved in and was wondering if you were interested in doing a commission for me. Hit me up at if you are. Thanks!!


    1. Joel,

      Let me know what you have in mind in regards to a commissions.
      Obviously price differs depending on the project and time required to

      BTW, I tried to send you can email, but it was returned for some reason.


      Daniel Blodgett

  2. I'll shout you can email Joel.